Our Systems

Energy storage systems to suit every client.

SunRise System

The versatile SunRise system is a flexible and popular solution among residential clients that can be easily installed and maintained by a single technician.

The SunRise creates a unique partnership between RedEarth and our installers because of its customisable nature. The unit is a whole-of-life product that has a storage capacity of between 3.3-26kWh.

Our installers can rely on us to monitor the SunRise system, removing the onerous task and giving technicians more freedom to focus on what matters; being on the ground to install, maintain and upgrade units for clients.

BlackMax System

At RedEarth we prioritise our installers and build systems that facilitate ongoing and fruitful relationships between the homeowner and technician. Our BlackMax system is one of the biggest testaments to that priority.

The Black Max system is a perfect entry-level product for clients who want a simple unit that is easy to install.  Easily transportable, the BlackMax system is a hassle-free scaleable system.

Help customers create the perfect shed, holiday home or man cave with this system and leave all the monitoring and logistics to us.

Off-Grid Systems

RedEarth’s off-grid systems are ideal for rural energy storage.

Our range of products are designed to be robust and capable of operating reliably on either the fringe of the grid or off it completely.

Clients seeking these larger systems include farmers and agricultural producers for whom blackouts simply cannot be tolerated.

Our technicians establish an important ongoing relationship with the client, one which includes future maintenance and upgrades.

Installer Partners

Join the True Blues - Installer Partners

The True Blues - Installer Partners provides the installer with support and training to ensure they can deliver the best possible service to clients and save additional time on the job.