Hybrid Home Battery Systems

The Sunrise system is an Australian outdoor-rated, plug-and-play battery system that stores your excess solar electricity for use after the sun goes down. Additionally, it has backup functionality in the event of a blackout.

Focused on long-term reliability, the SunRise has a storage capacity of between 3.3-26kWh to easily support the average home’s daily consumption of power.

The customisable unit featuring a sleek look and lithium batteries can be non-invasively installed within the home or outdoors, for example beside the home’s air conditioning unit. The SunRise may be smaller in size but can be easily upgraded to pack five times the amount of energy compared to the current industry standard.

SunRise Home Battery System

At RedEarth, we understand that not one size fits all customers, which is why we designed the versatile Sunrise system. This flagship hybrid product is a flexible solution that is ideal for a variety of energy storage needs.

Unlike other systems on the market, the SunRise is also built specifically to withstand and capitalise on the power of the Australian sun, as with all our products that are 100% manufactured on home-soil.

This high-volume yet, the low-cost solution is perfect for any conscious consumer who wants to reduce their power bills and provide reliable backup for when the grid goes out.

System Benefits

Say good riddance to bill shock! Use your own solar power at night and reduce your power bills No more blackouts! Get back-up power in case of a power failure Futureproof: start small and add batteries later as your needs grow, and your budget allows. Integrate new tech as it becomes available Can be expanded up to 26kWh of battery single phase and up to 50.4kwh three phase. Enough to keep you going for days on end without mains power Use with your existing or new solar panels

Warranty & Certification:

Remote Monitoring

Monitor your system from anywhere.

With an internet connection the system can be remotely monitored on your computer or mobile device. Optional remote monitoring service available from RedEarth.

External Monitoring

Our installers deal with a team of experts who will monitor systems for the life of the product, ensuring a mutually beneficial, and revenue generating relationship