RedEarth Energy Storage partners with CE+T Power to integrate their advanced power electronics

RedEarth Energy Storage partners with CE+T Power to integrate their advanced power electronics 

RedEarth Energy Storage (RedEarth) is thrilled to announce a newly formed strategic partnership with European CE+T Power to integrate their advanced power electronics into RedEarth’s patented Battery Energy Storage solutions. 

CE+T’s rack mounted, hot-swappable inverters will provide RedEarth with an unprecedented ability to develop a brand-new range of scalable energy storage solutions which perfectly fit customer requirements, as well as being readily adapted as consumer needs shift and change with the market.

Historically, upgrading a battery storage system has been an expensive and time-consuming process requiring significant electrician time on site. In contrast, these new systems in development by RedEarth can be swiftly upgraded by an electrician in mere minutes.

Jeremy Whaley, RedEarth Energy Head of Engineering said “CE+T has long been recognised for the reliability and quality of their products in other industry segments. RedEarth is excited to bring this technology to the renewable market in Australia.”

“CE+T Sierra module has been specially adapted for RedEarth and will be the basis of a new range of modular standalone power systems that will scale both power and storage from 5kW/10kWh to 100kW/100kWh+ to create a unique solution for the Australian market.”

Daniel Rixhon, CE+T VP of Business Development said “CE+T are proud to announce Red Earth Energy as our preferred strategic partner in the Asia Pacific region in bringing to the Australian market a range of next generation, advanced Energy Storage Solution.”

“The partnering of Red Earth & CE+T merges the capabilities of a progressive and innovative Australian manufacturer that has a deep understanding of the local environment with world class European technology.”

Headquartered in Belgium, the CE+T group has over 55 years of experience in building power conversion hardware for mission-critical applications in the telecommunications, industrial, aerospace, medical, research and transport sectors.

Interviews with RedEarth Energy Storage Head of Engineering Jeremy Whaley are available on request.

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