Quality Policy

RedEarth strives to be a genuine leader in the design, manufacture and sale of Professional Grade energy storage systems and associated ongoing monitoring and support services.

The company believes that its customers expect continually improving product and solutions to meet their needs in the rapidly developing market for energy storage systems in Australia.

Our business objective is to provide our customers with continually improving energy storage systems that meet or exceed their quality, features and cost objectives as well as the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

We are committed to maintaining our in-house knowledge base at the leading edge of our industry. From this knowledge base we then utilise the most suitable personnel, solutions, designs, materials and components to achieve our business objective.

To achieve our objective more efficiently and effectively we have made the strategic decision to adopt the ISO 9001:2015 business approach. We will implement a well-designed and effective Quality Management System. Within which we will continually improve our processes, operations, solutions, and company culture so we can meet our business objective.

Management is committed to providing leadership, resources and support to develop staff competencies, creativity, empowerment and accountability to achieve our business objective.

Approved by : Managing Director                                May 2020