Putting the power back in your hands.

Did you know that your rooftop can generate up to three times more solar energy than you use? Time to turn your excess solar energy into an revenue stream by turning your home in to your own Private Power Plant.

RedEarth’s Private Power Plant – not only can you SAVE MONEY on electricity bills, but our advanced technology has also helped our current customers MAKE MONEY* from their solar, allowing them to achieve net zero electricity costs.

With RedEarth’s Private Power Plant, you can use that excess energy to generate an income by tapping into ways to use electricity beyond powering your home or business. What are you waiting for? 

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Power yourself

By understanding how you use electricity, you can make it work for you.


Access wholesale prices for energy trading and make money by selling when the price is high.


Maximise your solar energy and minimise your electricity bills.

Pioneer a

Green energy is the future. Understand the impact you can make on the planet by using renewable energy.

MONITOR your system’s every move

System status and usage

Keep an eye on what your system is up to; track your data over time; and stay on top of electricity wholesale prices.

TRACK how much you’re EARNING

Financial impact

Keep on top of your daily and total earnings while understanding your system’s efficiency throughout the year.

Your impact matters

Environmental impact

By having solar panels and an energy storage system, you’re contributing to a cleaner, greener future. See how you’re helping our planet.

Lead the way into Electricity 2.0

Private Power Plant

One of RedEarth’s Values is to lead fearlessly into electricity 2.0 – and we want our customers on the journey with us. Our technology takes our customers from saving money to making money using their excess solar energy. Starting with optimising your energy usage, charging your car cheaply (or for profit), trading electricity at wholesale prices, mining green crypto or potentially sending your spare power to grandma, RedEarth continues to invest in R&D to provide more opportunities for customers to capitalise on the excess solar energy they generate. After all, it’s your green power!


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