The Land article: Renewable energy solutions make more than financial sense

The Land article: Renewable energy solutions make more than financial sense published on

Renewable energy systems, and in particular all-in-one solar/battery systems, have now become more competitive than diesel generators.

The problems of sending electricity a long way down a wire to remote and rural locations have long been understood to cause problems with appliances and blackouts.

Today, more and more daily devices, and even vehicles are starting to use electricity, and as a result, electrical problems are getting worse, not better.

RedEarth Energy Storage was founded in Brisbane in 2013 by a veteran of the battery industry, Chris Winter.

It was founded to provide complete systems, not individual parts of a system, that we’re able to offer plug and play functionality that can endure even the toughest Australian conditions.

Importantly, the systems have been designed to be serviced by locals and to be monitored centrally (internet/mobile connectivity permitting).

In 2015, in Australia, it became cheaper to make electricity from renewable sources than from fossil fuels.

“Battery prices have been improved to the point where it is now cheaper to use solar and battery systems than diesel generators or the electricity grid in most cases,” a Red Earth spokesman said.

“To put this into context, solar power is competitive with oil at $10 per barrel, and petrol at around 20 cents per litre.

“Using renewable power is not only economically viable with positive effects on sustainability and energy independence, but these systems are a by-product of a new economic solution for remote and rural communities.

“Australia with its high levels of sunshine hours is one of the first places to see these systems paying for themselves in record time.”

Since 2013, the company has designed and developed a range of systems to serve rural and remote communities.

“Our BushPig system is containerised and can power entire stations,” the spokesman said.

“The BlackMax Pro system can power small sheds or remote houses to use common home appliances such as water pumps, fridges, and freezers.

“The DropBear and S Series are systems that power typical houses or offices.

“For grid-connected and retrofit, the Sunrise system caters for all your on-grid storage and blackout protection needs.

“The technology to make, store, and use one’s own electricity is now here and has many, many benefits, starting with significant monetary savings.

“RedEarth’s systems are effectively self-fuelling gensets without the noise or fumes.

“When the sun comes up, the fuel tank silently starts filling.”