Eco Generation article: RedEarth pinpoints storage opportunities

As clean energy sources slowly push aside coal and gas, the next big complexity to solve in Australia’s spindly grid will be the management of unpredictable generation from wind and solar plants. Sophisticated energy storage solutions are nothing new but the costs are falling to a level where manufacturers of the technology are steadily taking orders.

It’s a busy and growing market, with international and local brands bidding for projects around the country in the tens and hundreds of megawatts. The era of storage is underway.

Australia has a strong pedigree when it comes to battery-making, with home-grown systems working hard for many years in parts of the country where electricity supply can be expensive and somewhat unreliable.

As grid constraints persist and more solar is connected to the grid Brisbane-based battery-maker RedEarth Energy Storage has seen steady growth in enquires from customers for residential solutions all the way up to commercial containerised assets.

“The main issues we’re being asked to solve are improving reliability of supply through to back-up, reducing peak demand and reducing bills through solar plus storage as well as peak reduction,” says RedEarth general manager sales, marketing and external operations Scott Andrews.

“Battery energy storage systems can help solve many of the issues related to grid constraints and high PV penetration.”


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