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RedEarth Energy Storage is a proud sponsor of The Block 2022, but while you can see the challenges the contestants faced on the show, there was also a lot going on behind the scenes to help make things happen.

We’d like to share a little bit about our experience in powering The Block this year.

As you may already know, The Block took the challenge out of the city this season, inspired by the tree change trend that has seen people leaving the cities for regional and rural Australia since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Located in Gisborne in the Macedon Ranges – approximately an hour north of the Melbourne CBD – the site had previously been a farm with a single homestead on it (that’s the house that Scotty Cam renovated). The production team soon realised that they only had one single-phase powerline connecting the entire site – which essentially meant no power for the entire construction site, or the houses!

With some help from our partners – including Linked Energy – RedEarth was able to step in with the equipment and resources needed to take The Block off the grid by providing clean, green energy solutions to build houses of the future.

Over the next few weeks as episodes go to air, we’ll be able to share more information, but for now we can tell you that the site offices including production equipment; the McCafe; and Scotty Cam’s house were all powered by three temporary Linked Ec0G3N fully portable systems with 6kW of solar connected to fully maxed (eight Troppo batteries) RedEarth HoneyBadgers, and backup generators. 

Check out this video to see the Ec0G3N system go up on The Block site.

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