Want to power your large-scale project?

Commercial & Industrial

RedEarth has the easiest large-scale energy storage systems to operate and install

Commercial and Industrial projects

RedEarth Commercial and Industrial (C&I) is our industrial projects division, focusing on high quality solutions designed to meet the needs of large businesses and operations. Each system is carefully assembled, tested and monitored by our team of highly-trained engineers in our Australian ISO 9001 factory.

Our turn-key, large scale battery energy storage come with a range of world class benefits, including:

  • Modular design with scalable battery capacity

  • Fully integrated, ready-to-run design
  • RedEarth proprietary custom-engineered software and remote monitoring service

  • ROI benefits via RedEarth’s Enterprise Power Plant (EPP)

RedEarth C&I energy storage systems

RedEarth has a dedicated Research and Development devision that is committed to offering you the latest technology and the best value in the energy storage sector.

Our PowerOasis and Dingo systems are scalable and ready-to-install, even for the largest applications.

Plus each system is specifically tailored to your needs and includes RedEarth’s proprietary custom-engineered
software and remote monitoring and control service.

RedEarth is with you every step of the way, from determining the size you require, to installation and ongoing monitoring and support. With RedEarth, clean power is easy.



PowerOasis has 50kVA versions or 100kVA versions with up to 502kWh battery (off-grid and on-grid).


Dingo is scalable from 50kW to 500kW!
A single 50kW inverter can support up to six battery cabinets (360kWh).

Need the complete solution?

No worries. RedEarth has a full range of certified support services and components available for your install.

We want your installation and ongoing operation to be as easy and reliable as possible. Depending on your requirements and system, RedEarth currently offers a range of optional extras, including support services  and compatible hardware components, with more being added all the time. So no matter whether you are on-grid or off-grid, RedEarth is the perfect solution.

Support services

RedEarth certified components

RedEarth Certified
Component has been tested and is integrated into our Private Power Plant

The RedEarth difference

Unlike other battery energy storage system suppliers, RedEarth offers proprietary custom-engineered software and remote monitoring and control service—all specially developed in-house by our team of engineers.

Enterprise Power Plant (EPP) Headquarters

Remote monitoring and control service.

EPP is the enterprise version of RedEarth’s value-creating PPP (Private Power Plant). As part of the remote monitoring service, RedEarth has a team of highly-trained technicians and engineers observing systems in the field and providing ongoing support and recommendations to ensure you achieve the best results from your system.

Energy Monetisation Unit (EMU app)

Monitor and control your system on-the-go.

All RedEarth systems are equipped with specialised monitoring software to ensure you are getting the most out of your battery energy storage system.

Use RedEarth’s own EMU app to view your system status.

Energy Management System (RedHead EMS)

PowerOasis and Dingo are compatible with RedEarth’s proprietary in-house developed advanced Energy Management System.

RedHead is designed to work reliably with all of the components of the PowerOasis and Dingo systems. This expands the capability of the systems in complex operating environments.

Why choose RedEarth?



Support local industries with high-quality, homegrown solutions, made right here in Brisbane.

Easy to install!

We’ve got you! RedEarth systems are specially designed to make installation and operation as easy as possible.

Scalable Solutions

Got an EV or added to your business? No worries. RedEarth’s systems are made to grow with your needs.

Energy Trading

Want to limit (or completely stop!) paying power bills? RedEarth offers our own proprietary Private Power Plant. Start earning and take your own power back!

Save the planet!

Stop using dirty, coal power and start using clean, green energy. And why not get paid for your service while you’re at it? It’s easy being green with RedEarth. Switch to renewable energy today.