Containerised Systems

RedEarth’s containerised off-grid systems are ideal for rural energy storage.

Off-Grid Systems

Highly versatile and scalable containerised systems including the “BushPig” (20 Ft) are perfectly suited to situations where space is not an issue but dependability is, for example in supporting cattle farms, commercial facilities, rural businesses or large residential lots. We have the smaller Bushpiglet (10 ft) container for smaller offgrid applications.

System Benefits

Get Power of Freedom. The electricity that you generate & ownNo more blackouts! Get back-up power in case of a power failureFutureproof: start small and add batteries later as your needs grow, and your budget allows. Integrate new tech as it becomes availableWeatherproof, proven standalone battery system that manages multiple power sources loads and batteries to optimise power generation, storage

Remote monitoring

Monitor your system from anywhere.

With an internet connection the system can be remotely monitored on your computer or mobile device. Optional remote monitoring service available from RedEarth.

External Monitoring

Our installers deal with a team of experts who will monitor systems for the life of the product, ensuring a mutually beneficial, and revenue generating relationship