Off-Grid Power

BlackMax Solar Power Systems are the ideal solution if you want to power a shed, weekender or house that has not connected to grid power. This off-grid product boasts easy installation and excellent durability.


The RedEarth BlackMax is an all-in-one integrated power standalone system.

Whether you live in a rural location without grid power access, or simply want a more sustainable lifestyle, our BlackMax Solar Power System provides the perfect solution. Our BlackMax Solar Systems are designed for applications with a daily power use from as little as 2kWh/day to more than 10kWh/day.

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Remote monitoring

Monitor your system from anywhere.

With an internet connection the system can be remotely monitored on your computer or mobile device. Optional remote monitoring service available from RedEarth.

External Monitoring

Our installers deal with a team of experts who will monitor systems for the life of the product, ensuring a mutually beneficial, and revenue generating relationship