About Us

RedEarth is a professional energy storage company that offers systems to suit every client.

We engineer and assemble our high-quality solar battery solutions right here in Australia, tailoring products to most effectively harness the power of the Southern sun.

Reliable Support

Not only does RedEarth tailor affordable and intuitive systems for our customers, but we also provide our vast network of technicians with reliable support when it comes to installation and maintenance of our products. Comprising the complete range of on-grid, off-grid and hybrid energy storage systems, we have a solution to fit every need.

ProfessionalEnergy Storage

We are specialists in the field of energy storage, engineering and assembling affordable battery systems to improve sustainability for retail and commercial clients. At RedEarth we pride ourselves on being Australian owned and operated with all our products designed and manufactured locally.

The RedEarth Leadership Team:

Charles (Charlie) Walker

Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director and Co-Founder

As one of the founders of RedEarth, Charlie has 25 years’ experience in the finance and commercialisation of technology. Charlie is the former Head of Corporate Development at RedFlow and CEO of two ASX-listed companies. Charlie’s background is in technology investment banking, previously advising clean-tech and life sciences businesses on raising funds for commercial development. Charlie’s aim for RedEarth is to build a stable and profitable company through attention to research and development, growing it to become a true powerhouse. No pun intended.

Chris Winter

Chief Technology Officer, Executive Director and Co-Founder

Chris is an engineer and the CTO and a Co-Founder of RedEarth. With experience in developing technological solutions from scratch, Chris has an exceptional track record of creating products that have become commercial successes. He designs all RedEarth products and is responsible for ensuring their quality and timely delivery to the market. Chris always develops new products with practicality, reliability and most importantly the customer’s needs in mind. Chris is founder of ASX-listed RedFlow Limited and prior to that spent several years with Schlumberger in the oil industry managing significant operations in Libya, Venezuela and Egypt among other locations.

Bruce Ebzery

Non-Executive Director and Co-Founder

Bruce has a 25-year background in the Australian electrical industry and has a double Masters degree in electrical engineering. As the former Head of Business Development for RedFlow, his experience extends to creating and maintaining key corporate partnerships. Bruce, alongside the other Founders, started RedEarth in the belief that energy storage will continue to burgeon in popularity around Australia and the world, and that a constant focus on local customer needs during this modernisation of the grid will confer significant advantages to customers and the company alike.

Gary Jubb

Chief Sales Officer

A shareholder of RedEarth, Gary joined the RedEarth team in August 2017 and is responsible for overseeing RedEarth’s sales and marketing for new and existing products. Using customer feedback as a crucial sounding board, Gary is alive to the needs of current and future clients and is adept at identifying new market trends. His ingenuity in market research and development of the sales pipeline led to the creation of RedEarth’s popular SunRise energy storage system. Gary has built several companies from the ground up in the renewables space, through a clear focus on customer service and is a key stakeholder in the business. Gary’s previous experience is with Solaredge, Conergy, Apollo and RedFlow Limited.